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                                 As it has been in the past years, it continues to improve its
                             product and service quality by continuing its investments this year.

             We are proud of serving you since 1977. We would        Baskı Devre exports more than 100 company in 14
       like to promise you all that we will  continue to develop   countries. You can also meet us in major exhibitions in
       our company in order give you the best service for the   Europe and Turkey.
       next coming years.
                                                                We also finalized our efforts on lead free solder and
       We have invested on technology, increasing capacity      green materials and we are pround to be ready to
       and also by means of quality and service we proudly      meet your demands in lead free solutions with green
       announce you that our production capacity reached        materials.
       up to 180.000 square meteres in single sided PCBs and
       80.000 squaremeters in double sided PCBs. Besides,       We have been walking with you for more than 40
       we developed stronger relationships with our business    years and we will keep on walking for mant years
       partners in Far-East and with those partnerships we      more. Baskı Devre family will always be there for you.
       can give you unlimited capacity of double sided, up to
       32 layers multilayer, flexible, heavy copper, hybrid and   ‘’Dedicating the processes to customer satisfaction,
       Long LED PCB.                                            making quality and never ending improvement as a
                                                                            culture is our quality policy’’
       By your trust, we have almost one thousand customers
       all around the country, in Europe, Middle East an deven
       in South Africa. You can see us whenever you want if
       you need any technical demands of. You can get price
       quotations within 24 hours.
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